The metrics behind our industry-leading retention rates

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One of the key indicators of a successful face-to-face fundraising campaign is donor retention.

It’s one thing to sign a donor up to support a charity they love, but for achieving a strong return on investment, it’s vital that donors remain committed givers for the long term.

According to the 2022 Benchmarking Project Report, Cornucopia achieved the highest face-to-face fundraising retention rates in the sector – both in New Zealand and Australia.

  • 82.3% for Hato Hone St John in New Zealand (surpassing the industry average by 22.2%)
  • 74.2% for the Royal Flying Doctor Service QLD in Australia (a notable 25.1% above the industry average).
The key metrics that lead to high retention rates

At Cornucopia, we achieve impressive retention rates by focusing on a number of key donor metrics. These metrics are the compass guiding our strategies, ensuring not only short-term gains but also long-term impact.

1. Donor age

Extensive data analysis, covering nearly 200,000 donors in both Australia and New Zealand, revealed a significant factor influencing long-term retention: age. Younger donors under 35, while passionate, often face financial instability, leading to higher cancellation rates.

In contrast, individuals over 35, including retirees, exhibit greater financial stability and commitment, forming the backbone of our sustained support.

2. Donor occupation 

Occupation plays a vital role in financial stability. Full-time employees and retirees exhibit lower cancellation rates, highlighting the importance of assessing potential donors’ financial capacity before enrolling them in regular giving programs.

Our training programs equip fundraisers to have these nuanced conversations, ensuring that commitments align with financial capacities.

3. Socio-economic context

We pay close attention to the socio-economic backgrounds of our donors, tracking postcodes to identify areas where financial vulnerability might impact regular giving.

By understanding these contexts, we can tailor our approach and adjust elements of our fundraising such as a suggested giving amounts.

4. Understanding the importance of long-term support 

Our fundraisers are trained to communicate the importance of sustained support, aiming for a minimum of two years and, ideally, a lifetime.

Regular feedback loops ensure that this understanding is effectively conveyed, empowering our fundraisers to build lasting relationships.

5. Multiple contact points

Trust is paramount. Committed donors who share multiple contact points demonstrate their confidence in both us and the organisation they’ve chosen to suppport.

This trust facilitates clear communication, ensuring that donors are informed, engaged, and their details are up-to-date. Regular updates about the causes they support further solidify this bond.

Helping our partners foster strong relationships

By regularly reviewing key metrics, we’re able to provide essential insights for both our fundraisers and our charity partners.

Through business intelligence reporting, we collaborate with our fundraisers, empowering them to better understand the donors they are speaking to.

By providing our charity partners with key donor insights, we are able to help charities foster enduring relationships with newly acquired supporters.

To discover more about Cornucopia’s industry-leading approach to face-to-face fundraising and donor retention, contact us today.