Our Partners



Our Partners

At Cornucopia, we’re proud to provide fundraising services to leading charities across environmental conservation, animal welfare, humanitarian crises and advocacy.

Through face to face, telefundraising, and social media fundraising, we’ve raised in excess of a billion dollars for our charity partners.

Our cause-driven fundraising model means that we champion our partners, supporting not only their fundraising goals, but also their mission.

Who we work with


Hato Hone St John

Hato Hone St John’s Mission

Thanks to Hato Hone St. John, help is always close in New Zealand when you’re faced with an emergency.

St John is at the frontline of medical response in New Zealand, providing Ambulance Services throughout New Zealand. They also provide first aid training, event medical services, defibs, first aid kits and supplies, medical alarms, youth groups and a wide range of community programs.

How we Helped

We’ve partnered with Hato Hone St. John for over seven years, culminating in a face to face fundraising campaign called Team Green – through which we’ve seen thousands of new donors support their life-saving work as regular monthly givers.

Our strategy was to provide mature and experienced fundraising professionals to be at the forefront of Team Green’s face to face fundraising efforts.

The fundraisers are passionate ambassadors for St John, boasting a wealth of knowledge about the services making them perfectly placed to engage the public with their work.

Despite the challenges of lockdown, we’ve been proud to work alongside the St John team and have seen incredible results. In particular, we’ve seen exceptionally high levels of 12-month retention, which speaks to the capacity of our team to bring on committed new regular givers.

Some Highlights:
  • Nearly 22,000 new regular givers
  • Average gift of $26.29
  • 70% 12 month retention rate

“The donations raised through Team Green have helped ensure the officers have continued backup to do what they do best: save lives.”

“Our partnership with Cornucopia provides us with a sustainable solution to acquiring long-term financial support and raising public awareness across New Zealand. Cornucopia delivers to the highest possible standards, as demonstrated by their continued award-winning work by the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand.” says Camilla Bell, Individual Giving Manager.


Royal Flying Doctor Service Queensland

RFDS’ Mission

The Royal Flying Doctors are well known all over our massive country – they’re one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world, saving lives in every State and Territory.

They exist to reduce the disparity in health service access, on top of their amazing lifesaving work as emergency providers.

How we Helped

In 2019, we formed a partnership to help the team purchase new aircraft, new infrastructure, and expand their services – so that they could save thousands of lives in Queensland.

Our strategy was about investing in regular giving recruitment with our extensive and proven face to face methods.

Despite COVID-19 interrupting our best plans, we managed to launch the program and exceed all key target areas, including:


  • Acquiring over 4,000 new regular donors
  • Average gift of $29.41 against a minimum target of $27.50
  • 78% of all new regular donors were over the age of 35 years, against a target of 60%

In 2021, research in face to face fundraising revealed an industry-wide drop in donor retention – but we were able to deliver a 74% retention after 12 months against the industry average of 42%.

It shows our fundraisers were well equipped to bring exactly the right kind of supporters on board – recruiting passionate, caring givers for the cause.

To date, our face to face fundraising work with RFDS Queensland has brought in over 10,000 new donors helping to save lives.

Erin McCabe, RFDS QLD Regular Giving Lead, said:

“The team of fundraisers engaged by Cornucopia are passionate, experienced and highly engaged advocates. They’re committed to learning about our work, and the challenges that come with delivering health services across regional, rural and remote Queensland.”

“This makes them the perfect representatives when speaking to the public about our work. We are continually impressed by their professionalism and due diligence when fundraising on our behalf.”