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Telefundraising is all about growing a chain of relationships – all the way from the beneficiaries of the charity through to new donors.

Through genuine, one-to-one communication, telefundraisers can improve acquisition and retention, and also lead to deeper commitments such as upgrades and bequests.

We’re always looking to grow our telefundraising team.

If you’re a people person looking to use your skills for good, or if you’d like to see how you can have world-changing conversations, get in touch today.

Telefundraising is a flexible, rewarding job. Come be a part of our awesome team!

“If you like talking to people, and if you want to make a difference, this is the best place to be.”

– Priyanka

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telefundraising team

Want to use your voice to make an impact? Join our committed and passionate team!

We’ll match you with a charity you’re passionate about. If you love saving animals, or protecting the environment, or combatting injustice and poverty, or helping people experiencing homelessness… you can do that right here.

Offering flexibility with hours and location – call from home or at the office – anyone can use and grow their skills on the phones at Cornucopia.

Job opportunities available!

Partner with us to further your mission


Find great ROI with a competitive cost per acquisition. Increase your donor database – and more than that, build new relationships with supporters.

Retention and Declines

It’s our passion that sets us apart. Our team of dedicated changemakers bring unmatched authenticity to each call, inspiring your donors to continue their support.


We can reconnect with and motivate your donors to increase their monthly gifts or re-engage with your charity.


Our thoughtful, genuine approach has made us a market leader in bequests, helping you build a relationship with some of your most generous donors.