The story so far

Founded in the year 2000 by Gregor Drugowitsch, unlike other fundraising agencies, Cornucopia was born out of a charity. Gregor utilised his vast experience as a door to door fundraiser for the German and Austrian Red Cross to help introduce face to face fundraising as a method to recruit new monthly donors for Amnesty International Australia. Gregor’s success with a small trial program led Amnesty to outsource the new face to face program to the company now known as Cornucopia.

Cornucopia New Zealand was launched in 2003 and Cornucopia USA is set to start fundraising in 2017. In face to face fundraising across Australia and New Zealand Cornucopia has worked with more than 35 charity partners, recruiting more than 650,000 regular givers since our doors opened in 2000.

Cornucopia Calling commenced in 2015 in answer to the demand from charities in the Australian market seeking an agency who treats each and every donor with respect and care and is able to recruit committed regular donors. Cornucopia Calling has grown significantly from its inception with a handful of telefundraisers to a state-of-the-art, 50 seat call centre in our Brisbane CBD office.

Cornucopia has a tailored approach to developing your fundraising program, whether your organisation’s fundraising goals are acquisition, retention or development. We can work with you to create a comprehensive program drawing on our wealth of knowledge and experience in fundraising development and aligning with your organisation’s messaging and communication strategy to ensure donors are inspired now and well in the future.




Cornucopia’s task is to build a permanent “chain” linking each donor to the beneficiary of their donation. This chain includes the campaigner who talks to the donor, Cornucopia and our client Not for Profit Organisations. We believe that everyone in this chain must benefit from their participation. As soon as someone in the chain ceases to benefit, the chain breaks, the donation stops and the beneficiary suffers.

The Cornucopia is the symbol for abundance and this is the basis for our values. If we do our job properly and keep the chain linked permanently, everyone involved will enjoy the benefit of face to face fundraising.