Face to Face Fundraising

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Conversations can change the world.

At its very heart, face to face fundraising is all about relationships.

It gives everyday people the chance to support charities and missions close to their hearts.

It helps amazing organisations build their base of supporters.

And it means that people all over the world get the help they desperately need.

World-changing conversations are happening every day. We’d love to start a conversation about face to face fundraising.

“When you’ve helped build a connection between a new donor and a charity, the feeling you get from that is just immense. You feel like you’ve achieved something so positive, it’s such a great joy.”

– Robert

Find your calling as a fundraiser

If you’re a people-person, or if you want to grow in your relational skills fundraising is an amazing pathway.

Plus, every conversation can help change the world when you’re working to raise support for charities and organisations doing lasting good.

Ready to start the conversation and make some positive change? Get in touch today – we’re looking for people to join the team.

Face to face fundraising for your organisation

A face to face fundraiser builds genuine, in-person connection between a donor, a charity organisation, and their beneficiaries.

As a specialist face to face fundraising agency, we’re delighted to partner with some of the world’s best known and loved charities and support their work by inspiring members of the public every day.

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Types of Face to Face Fundraising



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