Flexibility, freedom, and impact

by | Fundraising tips and essentials

Luke Jurkiewicz from our fundraising team shares why he joined Cornucopia and why he loves the flexibility, freedom, and impact that his role provides.

Luke, when did you start working at Cornucopia and what attracted you to the role? 

I have worked in face to face fundraising in the past, but started on the phones team in January, 2023. I was particularly attracted to the flexibility and freedom on offer.

Do you work from home or in the office? 

I am currently based in Thailand and am working from home over here.

How did your work as a face to face fundraiser help equip you for joininng the phones team? 

Face to face definitely improved my people skills and helped me come out of my shell. It also really improved my ability to read people’s body language and adjust my tone to suit the different people I speak to every day. 

How does it feel knowing your work makes a real difference in the world? 

Pretty surreal at times. You might not realise how much you’re actually helping people when you think you’re just clocking in to work, but taking a step back you can really appreciate how much your work has had an impact.

What makes Cornucopia a great place to work? 

The flexibility to work from home while I’m overseas is great, and I also get to have some incredible conversations with people who support Australia’s best charities.

I’ve also found the whole staff team at Cornucopia to be very helpful, kind and knowledgeable. It feels like everyone wants what’s best for you.

Do you have any memorable stories of donors you’ve spoken to during your time fundraising with Cornucopia? 

One of the charities I get to represent is the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I had the opportunity to hear first-hand about a child aged around 10, who was playing soccer one day and ended up having a heart attack. The Flying Doctor was able to come and help the child, who was a long way from any other medical care. It was really an incredible story, and showed me how important the work of RFDS is for remote families and communities.

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