How we help RFDS achieve industry-best retention rates

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We’re delighted to share that our partners at the Royal Flying Doctor Service have ranked first in the Australian Charity Reputation Index (RepTrak®) – for the 11th time in 12 years.

Every year, RepTrak® surveys Australians to measure the overall reputation of the country’s 40 largest charities. Charities are ranked based on trust, admiration, respect and overall esteem.

Cornucopia’s partnerships with the Victorian, Southern Eastern and Queensland Sections of RFDS over several years has proven that genuine, sincere face to face fundraising really can create long-term donor relationships.

With our help, the charity has seen retention rates almost double that of industry averages.

Industry-high face to face retention rates

COVID-19 was face to face fundraising’s most tumultuous period, and across the industry 12-month retention rates have plummeted.

A 2021 Fundraising and Philanthropy article pointed to an industry-wide drop in donor retention to an average of 42%.

In short, that means more than half of new regular donors are no longer giving 12 months after signing up in person.

But RFDS have proven that industry averages can be challenged.

Our approach to face to face fundraising means that fundraisers in the field are passionate about their causes, leading to:

  • Genuine conversation about new donors’ potential impact
  • Real excitement and energy between fundraisers and donors
  • Benefits across the Ben-Don (beneficiary to donor) chain

In fact, the RFDS retention story proves that there is cause for optimism in the face to face fundraising sector.

It’s just about getting the method right.

Australia’s most reputable charity

The Charity RepTrak survey is a measure across the whole industry, helping gauge public trust in Australian charities across the full spectrum of causes.

Guide Dogs, Leukaemia Foundation, Fred Hollows and St John Ambulance were the charities rounding out the top five on the recent list.

RFDS’ strong reputation is down to many different factors, but one common thread is their capacity for great relationship budling, in which we’re proud to be a part.

Working tirelessly in the community with aeromedical retrievals, patient transport, and primary healthcare, RFDS are as recognized in Australia as they are loved.

By connecting new donors into this chain of relationships, we’ve seen that when they trust the charity they’re giving to, they’re likely to stick around for the long term.

If you’d like to find out more about how your charity can find industry-beating retention and acquisition at Cornucopia, get in touch with us today.