Cornucopia Alumni Profile: Steve Martin

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When Steve Martin was just getting started in the world of fundraising, he decided to leave the UK and move to Australia to join Cornucopia as a face-to-face fundraiser.

Seeing the incredible impact he’s made both in the industry and in the lives of other people, we think it’s one of the best decisions he ever made.

Building for the future at Cornucopia

Steve spent seven formative years at Cornucopia, honing his fundraising skills, developing strong relationships with colleagues, building a network within the industry, and working his way through several management roles.

“I loved the sense of team and purpose, the camaraderie, the networks, the industry connections I built at Cornucopia”, Steve says.

Changing lives at The Fred Hollows Foundation

Today, Steve is the head of The Fred Hollows Foundation’s global individual giving fundraising and direct marketing programs.

In this role, he leads the Australian National Direct Marketing team’s efforts in acquisition, retention, bequests, data analytics and insights, database and donor care, and strategic projects.

For Steve, the most rewarding aspect of his job is the impact he makes. He finds immense satisfaction in raising funds to help restore sight and end avoidable blindness.

As he puts it, “There’s nothing more fulfilling than being a part of something that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.” 

Why Steve recommends working at Cornucopia

When asked about his time at Cornucopia, Steve is full of praise for the supportive and flexible environment that allowed him to grow and thrive. 

It’s clear that Steve’s time at Cornucopia played a huge role in shaping him into the successful fundraising professional he is today.

He attributes much of his success to making that important decision to leave the UK, saying, “The team at Cornucopia were loyal and supportive and they were the reason I ended up moving from the UK to Australia.”

There’s nothing more rewarding than using your skills and personality to help make the world a better place. Find out more about starting – or growing – your fundraising career at Cornucopia today.