Cornucopia’s partnership with St. John produces outstanding F2F results!

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Since July 2018, a Cornucopia events team lead by Ed Williams (pictured right) has signed up a significant number of new regular donors for St John, across all regions of New Zealand.

These donors have been especially high quality with less than 4% of donors having cancelled within the first 100 days and a whopping 84% of donors being above 35 years of age. Based on an average of 5 years lifetime value, Ed’s team has raised an amazing $4 million!

Claire Anderson, National Regular Giving Manager at St John, is thrilled with the results and commented, “We are so grateful to Ed and his team. Not only do they deliver exceptionally high results, but they also provide our valued donors with an end to end acquisition experience that treats our donors as the valued members of the team that they truly are.”

All funds raised provide critical support to the lifesaving work of St John frontline ambulance officers.