Limestone bat caves and blowholes in Tonga

by | TONGA

 An island famed for its friendliness and hospitality, Tonga lived up to its reputation as the friendly Islands, with more then a few secrets uncovered along the way.

Our team of seven, made up of fundraisers from Australia and New Zealand were lucky enough to visit the friendly and hospitable Kingdom of Tonga in November 2014. Staying on the main island of Tongatapu it didn’t take long to settle into Tongan time, which is measured by the crow of a rooster and the fall of a coconut onto the pristine white coral sand beaches.


We visited many of the unique local sites such as Captain Cooks landing, Anahulu – a slightly terrifying and spectacular underground limestone cave colonised by bats, the blowholes, Tsunami Rock a rock wrapped up in a myth almosts as big as the rock itself apparently a tsunami washed the rock up 100 metres inland, and the local markets.


However the highlight of the trip was visiting the Tongan Red Cross headquarters, in Nuku Alofa the main town on the island of Tongatapu.

“The highlight of visiting Tonga Red Cross was meeting the staff, and the spirit of the guys, going the extra mile, I loved Inoki’s presentation and thought it was very well prepared and presented, the overall operation was very professional.” Ed Williams

“ I thought that the OTA Centre was great to see, and it was very interesting to hear about the satellite phone, and how it used in the aftermath of cyclone Ian, it was also great to meet the whole Tonga Red Cross team and see what they all do” David Black


we will always remember the beautiful friendly people, the very easy laid back attitude on the island and the very untouched pristine beauty of the scenery….