Where is the best place to fundraise?

by | Fundraising tips and essentials

In real estate it is all about location! location! location!  For the PFRA it is all about compliance, compliance, compliance.  However for F2F fundraising does location really matter?


Yes! You need to be compliant, and our dedicated operations team make sure, when booking locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, that our teams are in the right place at  the right time.

Any location can be a successful location if you are inspiring and can relate to the local community.  Sometimes our road trip teams will visit towns of populations less than 100 or other times some shopping centre teams will be in the busiest malls and centres in Australia or New Zealand and they both excel.

Rather than worry about your location (well, you should if it is not approved and you don’t have correct paperwork) start learning about the community you’re in and inspire everyone that crosses your path. Inspire! Inspire! Inspire!